Photovoltaic farms: electricity generation and grow

2016-11-18 01:27:31

Photovoltaic farms is the photovoltaic power generation combined with modern agriculture, a new technology, in Japan, Germany, Italy and other countries have a certain scale applications.A few days ago, China university of science and technology of advanced technology research institute has developed a new technology "crop" intelligent lighting techniques, it can separate plant germination, growth, flowering, results, and breeding for about 10% of visible light, and the remaining 80% or more of the light reflected by slotted light-emitting device, focus on a piece of standard solar panels, used to generate electricity.

"Photovoltaic agriculture" project from the standpoint of industrialization is still in the early.Its basic principle is: the optimal growth of each plant is only need to absorb the particular range of spectrum, and can measure the absorption spectrum of different plants, and then according to the numerical design spectrum ratio, unique membrane technology has been used to separate the solar spectrum, let each taxa, can accurate absorption spectrum for their growth.Such as the growth of tomato need absorb red than blue, about 9:1.

Construction of China must has a practical demonstration and experiment system, completed by artificial selection sunlight conditions and under the condition of normal light three crops (cucumber), bamboo, lettuce growth situation of contrast experiment, the plant physiological parameters (soluble protein content, soluble sugar content, root active absorption area), the test results show that the sunny spring in May 3 - the use of filter membrane is good for the growth of crops, can help realize the crops' income, improve crop quality, etc.It is worth mentioning that the experiment of crops not only accept through multilayer interference filter membrane red blue light, there are full spectrum of the diffuse scattering sunlight (accounted for about 15% of light energy).

This technology can realize the separation is not only for plant growth, and provide the required light also can rest more than 80% of the light to generate electricity.

Existing photovoltaic farm and photovoltaic plants shed light are not very good solve crops need with the contradiction of power.At this point, the intelligent lighting technology is a kind of crops can realize planting and photovoltaic power generation "balance" of innovative solutions.Compared with the past photovoltaic agricultural systems at home and abroad, the system composed of simple geometric spectral or spectral to upgrade to the spectrum spectral intensity, in the implementation of photovoltaic power generation at the same time, also optimized the plant growth light conditions, can make use of solar energy "maximize".From the point of the effect of actual demonstration and experiment system, sunny weather conditions in the middle of may, at noon time capacity per unit area has reached 87 watts per square, water evaporation decreased by 40%."Farming + power" may be the broad masses of farmers multiplied improve the income of a new production mode.

At present, this system in domestic is still in the early stage, the demonstration medium-sized production also need to practice.From the point of demonstration project, using the intelligent photovoltaic power generation system, costs about $9.8 per watt.Compared with traditional photovoltaic agricultural systems and photovoltaic power generation cost $6.5 and $8 per watt.




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