What?The window can also rely on solar power!

2016-11-10 12:44:05

Solar window technology company (SolarWindow Technologies), is a company based in Maryland.It hopes to be able to provide the world with a production of a large amount of clean electricity technology, the goal is also very ambitious.The company even promised that they can, through its leading technology, transparent coating method to produce electric power.

The development of the technology in 2009.Window after that, the solar energy technology company also developed a liquid organic photovoltaic solar array, which mainly consist of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, can be applied to some clear surface, the array in a lot of colors or neutral tone is transparent.And the energy generated by the whole coating, can generally through a transparent grid of conductive cable transmission to the side of the window, and then continue to transfer from here to the transmission lines.

As you may already know, if there is no environmental effect that we would be meaningless, so we won't make such a commitment to anybody.Even, we ended with the company's chief executive John Conklin (John ape) calls, then, we will tell you how to make use of the skyscraper, housing and the city, we can not do without energy.

Power coatings

John conklin told ZME Science website (ZME Science) visiting journalists: "we are the world in the intersection of climate change and natural resource depletion, population has been increasing, which caused the increasing human demand for energy, which is the main problem in this intersection. Of course, we can make full use of the past or history lessons to us, then summarize and deepening on top of that, in order to better and more green tomorrow, we will try to find solution, create favorable opportunities. Our current goal is to make the solar window technology company transparent commercial power coating technology into the market. Because, if you want to stay away from the natural resources of the problem, we need a green future, and transparent power coating technology of energy growth, also helps to create a green, a better tomorrow, the two interdependence.


I have to admit, even after the efforts to study the solar window, my first reaction is that this is an extension of traditional solar energy industry.To some extent, this kind of view is not wrong, because the final result is to collect energy from the light, just different from each technology's approach.

When people say to "solar", immediately came out of the brain is certainly a big piece of blue solar panels, light or used to decorate the roof, or collect energy in the hot sun.Solar window technology companies want to the surface of the existing solar photovoltaic panels to carry on the certain innovation and the processing, make its can power generation, and the surface is completely transparent, can be seamlessly integrated into the existing buildings, and produce green electricity.

John has interest in renewable energy, early in the application of coating and chemical reaction process research also has certain attainments, so the company developed coating, John do all it can to provide a lot of help, this coating can be pasted on the glass or plastic, when a lot of light through the window every day can generate electricity.

How do you start the research on renewable energy?

John told me: "when I was a boy scout, probably is the early high school, I began working with photovoltaic cells."

If from that time, so the study of John also has come a very long road.Of course, the traditional solar energy on the improvement of the environment has not erased the credit, but according to John to explain the role of the technology of the solar window, that the main selling point of this technology is obvious.For starters, you don't need to specify free space for system.If it is a window, as long as you install a coating on the surface, it will start to power generation, does not need direct sunlight, even in the coating shadow area can produce energy, but at this moment is the diffusion of light around at work.

John said: "solar window, like ordinary light panels, does not directly depend on the sun, even if only receives the diffuse light, any coating level building will generate electricity."

Also because of this, solar window can be an entire skyscraper into a green energy power plants.For a typical 50 storeys high buildings, solar window to create the power ratio of 50 times as many roof installed solar photovoltaic panels.Company at the time of the technology to do publicity, made clear that install the solar window system within a year can return to this.

But most of us don't live in a skyscraper, the technology and how to provide service for ordinary home users?John gave me the answer is that the solar window was able to make out so much energy for commercial buildings, one reason is that most commercial buildings usually have a lot of the window.In typical building design, Windows, generally smaller, and the wall occupied most of the area, which means that the effective area is not much to install coating.But even so, the advantages of this system is still more than typical solar photovoltaic panels.

John said: "we don't want this service only rich people. Not only in the sun, solar window under natural light, artificial light can well electricity. Such as in a fixed device of light from you, it can also generate electricity."

So, although as a home user you see total revenue may not be the same, but there is no denying the fact that solar window can indeed help to capture some of the untapped energy around us.If you have a room, you can even install it in the room.

Compared with skyscrapers in the window, the Windows of the average family utilization rate is higher, but also should pay attention to when using can not damage the connector between the coating and other wire.At present the company is committed to research and development is applicable to any type of window frame connector, corresponds to a classic hinges or sliding window frame system can be used an already.If the superposition of several coating coated glass together, don't worry, all layer can produce energy, that Scott has confirmed.In the case of your window pane allows, you can even get three or four times the effective level.

John said, because light is suitable for the sun the window with the traditional photovoltaic technology is not the same, so the coating in the sun is weak in cold area of energy and those who have the abundant sun exposure area.

The prospect of the technology about solar window coating, a little bit is very exciting, as we all know, most people feel that the traditional solar cells is not reliable, but the coating technology can revoke this concern.Conventional solar photovoltaic panels can only work during the day (cause obvious), at the same time because of its working conditions is necessary as the sun, which means they cloudy completely out of work, and now we can't change the weather.However, any type any light intensity can't prevent solar window to produce energy, nature has no worry!

There is no denying the fact that this is a very potential technique, and it's creative, at the same time by an unlikely source to produce electric power.Such as John told me that they are looking for a way of trying to install of the lamps in the existing coating.However, we can also see, applied to space or military coating technology has not yet reached the ideal.

John concluded: "anything is possible."

About the final cost of every square metre coating the absence of any instructions, but John seems determined to make its price as much as possible to accept most of the people, they also hope their product best-selling all over the world, to more green construction of a better tomorrow.




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