Tesla To Become Vertically Integrated Energy Companies

2016-11-04 11:29:55


American electric car manufacturing giants Tesla results released on October 26, exceed market expectations, not only revenue growth over the previous year, and the end of the 13 consecutive quarter of losses, compared to the previous profit of $22 million.With Solar City merger Tesla is advancing, continue to vertically integrated energy companies.

Perpormance Make Up The Deficits And Get Surpluses

Results showed that the Tesla last season total revenue of $2.3 billion, up 145% from a year earlier, a record high.According to general accounting principles (GAAP), net income was $22 million, reversing a net loss of $230 million over the same period of last year's performance.Last season the Tesla delivered 24800 electric cars, up 114% from a year earlier, rose 70%, shipments hit a record high.

By contrast, in the second quarter of the previous, Tesla had a net loss of $293 million, compared with the same period in 2015 expanded nearly 60%, for 13 consecutive quarterly loss.Electric vehicle shipments only 14400 cars in the quarter, less than expected for a second consecutive quarter.

In the fourth quarter, for the current electric Tesla expected shipments to slightly more than 25000 vehicles, maintain the new shipments of 50000 vehicles for the rest of the year forecast remains the same.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that day, Tesla in the fourth quarter is expected to continue to be profitable.He also revealed that cheap cars Model3 to start mass production in the second half of 2017.

After the performance death accidents continue to lower than expected and automatic driving factors, Tesla back sharply since this year, the current level is high fell more than 20% in early April, this year fell 15%, significantly run lose the market.And under the better-than-expected performance boost, Tesla shares in 26 stocks jumped 5% after-hours trading.

RBC capital markets analyst at 27, tesla will share price expectations rise from $210 to $210.By the 26 s, Tesla's share price of $202.24.

The More Effort For Transformation

In promoting productivity growth and new models listed at the same time, Tesla to continue in the field of automatic driving power.Last week, the company launched a new autopilot 2.0 and announced the future produce of whole vehicle will be equipped with a new generation of fully automatic function of hardware."Tesla said its automatic driving system will radically improve the safety of the vehicle".

Tesla also continue to push forward with musk Solar City controlled by another company (Solar City).Tesla's main production advanced electric cars and household batteries, Solar City is America's largest manufacturer of household solar panels.Musk believes that if the successful completion of the acquisition, the two companies at the core of the business development and maximize the use of will, can produce "significant synergies".

It is reported, Tesla will be released on October 28, cooperation with Solar City company solar rooftop equipment, and a shareholder meeting on November 17, to vote on acquisition of Solar City.

In fact, to cite soleil acquisition was the beginning of the transformation of Tesla.In the middle of this year, Tesla low-key from Tesla's website domain name motors.com (Tesla motors) changed to Tesla.com (Tesla).Then musk issued the "great project" of the company, said Tesla will be transformed into a renewable energy company, new goals including the development of manufacturing can store electrical energy solar roof;Expand electric car line, the production of electric heavy trucks and large vehicles, etc.Musk said, Tesla will become "the world's only can clean energy products to consumers, provide end-to-end vertically integrated energy companies".

But there are some investors worry that buying Solar City may have had focused on the areas of electric Tesla "distraction", and may impact its cash flow and long-term debt inflation to dangerous levels.Oppenheimer analyst colin. Lou shi believes the latest report, Tesla and Solar City merger may lead to the need to raise $12.5 billion by the end of 2018.After the completion of the merger of entity will have a lot of business, how to better reflect performance is very important to keep in terms of investors' trust.




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