How To Withstand Extreme Weather Distributed Photovoltaic System?

2016-10-31 02:39:03

On June 10, 2016, hebei xingtai experienced a strong convective weather, rain weather, large parts of city, lung yao, hill, in the land of hail, hail maximum 30 mm in diameter, parts of the instantaneous wind up to 10 levels.In front of such extreme weather, placed in the outdoor, no shade of photovoltaic modules can resist the impact?

In 2014, the xingtai long yao county high a villager on the roof of two village installed a 5 kw distributed project.After-sales personnel immediately made contact and owner, the owner give reply is: "photovoltaic system is in good condition.

In the process of the promotion of distributed photovoltaic system, the system can resist wind, hail "is an important concern of the customer.Xingtai takashi yao this project with facts reassure the customer.Introduce you to today, in the high winds, hail and blizzard that extreme weather, what factors play an important role.

1、Installation Angle

System designers in the design of distributed photovoltaic system, can refer to the local meteorological factors, on the premise of guarantee power generation, design the security component Angle.The main test is the strength of the system design, the design of system is scientific, standardized.In general, small households distributed project can't be looking for professional and design institute to carry on the design, design scheme is provided by the contractor, part of the case, some owners will have to design system, then get to construction.If do not have enough experience or construction by the designer is not standard, it is difficult to guarantee the system in case of extreme weather. Therefore, the choice of design or construction is very important.

2、Quality Of PV Modules

The surface of the crystal silicon component class is a layer of toughened glass, the toughened glass strength is higher than common glass, in case of the extreme weather such as hail, blizzard, toughened glass is the only protective components.

Photovoltaic modules are of variable quality of the market, for the customer, the stand or fall through to the naked eye identification of toughened glass, some manufacturers in order to save costs, will choose some strength or substandard toughened glass thickness, in this way, the component of the ability of resistance to extreme weather will sell at a discount greatly.

Normal manufacturer of components have been a professional testing and certification, customers can through the photovoltaic modules of certification qualification to judge the quality of the components, such as IEC 61215 certification, the certification includes a number of tests, to ensure that the components under 35 mm hail with 27.2 m/s at a speed of more than 98 KPH or shocks, if required by the components through the IEC61215 related test, will show that component to resist the ability of the hail, wind and other extreme weather is qualified.

3、Quality Of PV Stents 

In addition to the set price, do not underestimate the role of.Toughened glass is unqualified maybe only can cause damage to components, but the bracket is unqualified, may cause component drop, roof caused personal injury or damage to the owner.

Support general should pass wind pressure, KangXue pressure resistance, wind resistance, KangXue load test, material is usually C steel and aluminum alloy, galvanized surface treatment.Aluminum alloy commonly used models for Al6005 - T5 surface anodic oxidation, general use stainless steel stainless steel 304, galvanized with Q235B hot dip galvanized.

In addition to the material, the thickness of the scaffold is also very important.In hebei area as an example, the thickness of the scaffold shall be not less than 2.5 mm, the galvanized layer thickness not less than 65 microns, the zinc layer surface should be uniform, no burr, burnt, hang ash, scars, local not galvanized (more than 2 mm), and other defects, may have affect the installation of zinc.The thread of the zinc layer should be smooth, bolt connectors should be able to screw in.Above these are just some factors affecting the quality of stents, consumers can judge by naked eye.

In January this year, the national standard "technical specification for solar photovoltaic stents based complete outline of the review, which preparation, comment and modify finalized work, years is expected to be enacted.Since the implementation of the file will be on the market of pv stent specification effect, can effectively help the consumer to judge the quality of support.

4、Additional Weight

Household photovoltaic system satisfying the general basis of cement, cement base load of the building should be fully considered, at the same time, to meet the requirements of wind load and KangXue load, in general, with 50 years of local wind pressure as the standard to carry on the design, the weight and concrete strength of the cement base has strict requirements.


In conclusion, scientific design, high quality components and support, conform to the specifications, the weight of photovoltaic system is an important factor to withstand extreme weather.When choosing products must look for the big brand, look for the high quality.




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